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What is StepFor?

StepFor is a mobile platform that allows you to translate daily steps into charitable contributions, backed by corporate sponsors. All you have to do is download the StepFor mobile app, easily connect your phone or fitness tracker, select the campaign you want to StepFor, and get to stepping!


So how does it work?

StepFor partners with socially-conscious corporations and non-profit organizations to help connect you with the causes you want to support. Companies looking to make a positive impact will issue out challenges to the StepFor community, asking you to collectively achieve a certain amount of steps by a set deadline. Hit that goal, and you’ll have helped raise a large sum of money for a great cause. Come up a little short, and that’s ok too! A donation will still be made – it's size dependent on how close you came to achieving your goal. The more steps you take, the greater impact you’ll have!

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Do you like to be active?

Do you want to make a positive
impact on your community?


Our Values


Everybody wants to make their mark on the world. Here at StepFor, we believe the best way to make an impact is by positively affecting as many people as we possibly can. Be it through supporting great causes or simply by holding a door open for someone, we want to make everybody’s lives a little better.


Here at StepFor, we're passionate about staying active. Getting out and doing things is decisively better than doing nothing at all, and we want to encourage as many people as possible to get out and get stepping. 


Be it with your family, friends, or as part of a team, everyone belongs to some type of group. Groups allow individuals to become a part of something greater than themselves. We at StepFor want to connect you with a group that will allow you to build friendships, help your community, and pursue your passions. 

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